Automatic labeling of all files from AV databases.

Automatic download of covers for cd, dvd and bd.

Automatically shares files via SMB (windows network microsoft).

Automatic re-indexing Squeezebox Server after CD ripping.

AppleTalk – for OSX or Bonjour for Windows.

DAAP – Automatically shares MP3 streaming to iTunes and Rokusoundbridge.

nfs – for linux and most other systems like solaris etc.

Supports DLNA – music and video from DLNA-enabled players, XBOX, Playstation, Windows

Supports Linn, Sonos, Logitech

Compatible server for: XBMC (XBOX Media Center), Windows, OSX, Apple TV, or Linux.


Storage capacity: 6TB

Optical drive: Slot loading. 16x CD / 8x DVD / BD 4x

Dimensions (a x a x p): 150 x 200 x 225

Weight: 3.5 Kg

Power Supply: AC adapter 12V/7A

Central panel button: ON / OFF

Network LAN: Gigabit Ethernet