• Was a specialist to use Visonos needed?

    No. You can easily install it yourself. Your network must be configured correctly and DHCP server enabled on your router. If you have any problem with the network contact a network consultant or specialist.
  • How I can connect to my network Visonos to share files?

    Having a CAT5e or CAT6 network cable (used for wired IP networks). Just connect the network cable to the Ethernet connector of your Visonos. If you have wifi network and you have purchased the kit wifi (optional) only need to include the encrypted network in the settings of your Visonos key. Remember to ensure total quality videos and movies are needed wired network. If you are using wifi, to have lower bandwidth, you might have trouble playing continuously your videos and movies.
  • How I can control my Visonos from a wireless device?

    Visonos is ready to be controlled from a wireless device. For i-Pad, i-Phone, Android i-Pod or just need to download the application from the Apple Store or Market. You can also connect to your VIsonos from your web browser by entering its IP address only.
  • Can I listen to music or watch movies in several different rooms of the house at the same time?

    Of course. This is one of the features of the system. Installing multiple players at home, you can access all your media content independently in each player. This requires storing all content within your network using a NAS storage system. MusicVR and mediaVr are our Visonos auto ripping NAS storage systems.
  • Can I listen to music in every room at once?

    Clear. You can have a party at home listening to music everywhere. Select your playlist and listen in all rooms.
  • Can I use Visonos to surf the Internet from my TV?

    Yes. You can browse with your remote, but to get the best performance and comfort we recommend to connect a keyboard or wireless mouse to one of the USB ports on your Visonos.
  • Can I use an external amplifier?

    Visonos has speaker outputs using its integrated 2x50W amplifier. However, if you want to use your Visonos with another amp (eg in living ce) simply connect the pre-amp of your VIsonos to your amp.
  • Can I watch my satellite channels on my Visonos?

    Yes I do. Visonos supports Dreambox.
  • Can I use i-Tunes in Visonos?

    Yes. You can play your library based on i-Tunes, use Air-Play functionality by connecting your i-Pad or i-Phone to Visonos by wifi.
  • Can I integrate my VIsonos home automation system?

    Visonos is an advanced multimedia control center that can be integrated with your home automation system. Your integrator can connect the system to a Web server using Visonos. This will control the house from anywhere where you have installed a player of Visonos (KNX, Crestron, Vantage, etc ... are home automation systems that integrate with Visonos).
  • Can I use the rippers Visonos, mediaVr and MusicVR with other systems?

    Yes. Our network storage platform supports Sonos, Squeezebox and Apple. If you already have a multi-room can add one of our storage systems to share in all rooms.
  • If I have a problem with Visonos, What should I do?

    Visonos has a wide network of distributors and dealers throughout Europe. Contact the nearest.